The rights of persons with disabilities: agenda for Belarus



Slowly, our help mission to create documents is ending. We still have the last shafts, consultations and we will celebrate.


Once again, we visit Vilnius to meet our partners. Last time we saw each other in April, although it seems to us that it was yesterday. How will it be after the end of the project, when we stop seeing each other in this good company.


We are approaching the moment when we see ready strategic documents. Teams in Bobrujsk, Wołożynie, Stołpcach and Szczuczyn, are trying to edit the working versions of their documents.


Local strategies are becoming clearer and clearer. Despite the fact that work in each village has a different pace, all participants of the teams aim at improving the situation of people with disabilities.


We like to meet our partners. Actually, the Partners are organizations, and we meet with specific people with whom we have been able to make friends for almost two years work.


We are not slowing down and at the beginning of March we are returning to work on local strategies. Our Belarusian colleagues say that March 1 is the beginning of spring, but it is very difficult to believe. Around, as far as the eye can see - white.


In the Belarusian media, they write about the successes developed within our joint project financed by the European Union. In Stolin, as part of the international Agenda 50 project, non-governmental organizations and local authorities proceed to action aimed at the independent life of people with disabilities.


On 22-24 September, a long-awaited meeting of representatives of local authorities, NGOs and people with disabilities took place - most involved in direct project activities. They are the ones who make changes in local social life. Several dozen people came to celebrate the beginning of autumn.


On August 9-10 another project team meeting took place, this time in Minsk. Representatives of all partner organizations are participated. The busy and intensive meeting took place in the hospitable as usual, headquarters of the Office of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


On 13 May, an Anti-Discrimination Festival was held in Lepel, the event was held as a part of the ORDP Accessibility Week.


12th of May we met with the representatives of the groups whose applications were awarded by small grants in the competition organized in our project. In the city 3 proposals created by the agreement of non-governmental organizations, local authorities and institutions will receive up to 5000 euros for planned actions.


On March 27-28 was held project team meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. Representatives of all partner organizations, as well as the project coordinator from the European Commission, took part in the meeting. In total 10 people.


At the turn of February and March were held next training of strategic planning - this time in Wolozhyn (27-28.02) and Shchuchyn (1-2.03). Participants got acquainted with the tool Agenda 50 and principles of the creation of diagnosis, naming social problems, set themselves goals and planning results and indicators.


In second half of January polish experts - Małgorzata Peretiatkowicz-Czyż  and Piotr Todys conducted trainings on strategic planning in accordance with the methodology proposed in the 22 steps to the strategy. Trainings are supposed to help partnerships in towns in the preparation of project proposals, which will be able to get financing as part of our project.


Between 17 - 18 November at the headquarters of EuroBelarus in Vilnius was a meeting of partners involved in the project Agenda 50.


We ended the first round of the round tables. 24th of October  TUS Foundation team - Peretiatkowicz Margaret and Peter Todys - took part in the meeting in Szczuczyn.

In the publication „22 steps for the ensuring equal possibilities for persons with disabilities in local communities” we instruct on how to create planning documents that include both as large a group of participants as possible who are directly involved in the strategy, and experts and civil servants responsible for its implementation, giving readers a ready-to-use tool. We outline the project in relation to the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the document itself and the reality in Poland. The brochure has been prepared by experts from the TUS Foundation - Małgorzata Peretiatkowicz-Czyż and Piotr Todys.

From 6 - 9 September 2016  polish experts once again visited Belarus. During the visit, held two round tables - in Lepiejsk (7.09) and Valozhyn (8.09).


The visit of the Belarusian group was held on 7 - 13 August 2016 in Warsaw. It was attended by 16 participants representing non-governmental organizations, local authorities and authorities from ministerial level.


Belarusians group will arrive in August to Warsaw to study visit. TUS Foundation is preparing intensively.